Leave no stone un-philosophized

Icon_1024Hopefully everyone likes the Never Lose icon. Underlying these simple images is great meaning.        I think…

I’d like to preface this post by explaining that my original intent for using glasses, a book, and a car was that these were items which are either often displaced or for which Never Lose could be of great help in tracking. Only later did I realize that inadvertently, I had imbued some interesting relationships into the icon.

Let’s go in order:

(1) Glasses – it is quite obvious that these are green-tinted glasses. Why green-tinted? I thought they looked nice. Readers of Ralph Ellison’s incredible work – Invisible Man – must now think of the green-tinted sunglasses of the Rinehart character, which the nameless narrator wears in an effort to hide his own identity, allowing him to take on the life of another. Once the narrator took off Rinehart’s sunglasses, he was forced to reface the reality of his own existence, and his own lack of identity.

(2) The book – given the green-tinted glasses, this book is clearly Invisible Man.

(3) The car – another character integral to Invisible Man is Dr. Bledsoe – a man whom the narrator initially sought to emulate for his materialistic success – “he was the possessor of not one, but two Cadillacs.” Dr. Bledsoe’s life, identity, and character were founded on his materialistic success – he valued his life by his possession of items. For Bledsoe, losing his valuables would mean losing his identity. Therefore, Dr. Bledsoe may have found solace knowing a technology as Never Lose existed – for it would help him ensure he would never lose track of his existence.

(4) The question mark – the central question of Invisible Man is undoubtedly the central question of identity and existence – “Who am I?” The question mark in this icon is, therefore, a challenge – imbued onto you the user by me the creator. This challenge takes many forms – will you use this app honestly?, will you enjoy it?, and ultimately, will you define your identity by your possessions or can you lead a meaningful life without the pursuit of materialism?

Either way, if you see this post prior to downloading the app, you should definitely download it – it’s really very useful for tracking and finding your valuables, and if you see this post after already downloading the app, then thank you and I hope you enjoy it!

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